Pytania do Hiszpanów

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Research on SPAIN / Barbastro – north of Spain Huesca region

1. Geography of the country – rivers, mountains, area- comparison with Poland.
2. Administrative regions (krainy) - short description.
3. Political system – government, membership in European .
4. History of  Spain– short outlook.
5. Spanish colonisation (map of colonies)
6. National food (show at least one recipe)
7. National symbols – anthem, flag etc.
8. National holidays and religion/sanctuaries?
9. Interesting  places to visit  in the country – North.
10. Interesting places to see – Central part of Spain.
11. Kings and Queens of Spain- Royal Dynasty.
12. National folklore – costume, festivals/bullfighting?
13. National folklore - music, dance.
14. Famous pieces of architecture, sculpture and art.
15. Madrid – the capital of the country – a tour over the city.
16. Famous people in the past –  explorers, scientists -2, 3 people.
17. Famous people in the past - artists, musicians – 2, 3 people.
18. Famous contemporary  Spanish writers, actors, directors-  2, 3 people.
19. Famous contemporary Spanish musicians (singers, bands, composers) – 2, 3 people.
20. Spanish language – short introduction.
21. Barcelona – tour of the city.
22. Popular sport and famous sports people.
23. Costa del Sol- popular holiday destination / Malaga.


1. When was your country emblem designed?
2. What are the most important places for Spanish nation (cities, museums, palaces)?
3. What is your attitude towards having the King and the President at the same time?
4. How long is the President’s cadence and how is he/she chosen?
5. What religion is popular in Spain and when was it  introduced?
6. When was Francisco Pizarro , a famous Spanish discoverer, born and where?
7. We read the legend about El Cid. What legends are popular in your region?
8. What are the main differences between Spanish and Catalonian languages?
9. What foreign languages do you learn at school?
10. Corrida is still known as one of the most popular entertainment in Spain. Who is the most famous bullfighter in your region?  What do you do with the killed bull after the show?
11. Who is the most popular singer (or a band) in your country?
12. Which place in your country is known for the worst weather and why?
13. What kind of paella is the most popular in your region?
14. Which football team do you support?
15. What Polish people do you know? Who are they?
16. How do you celebrate Easter?


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