Pytania do Greków

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Research on GREECE   (Olympus Riviera, city   Katerini   area  Keramidi)

  1. Geography of the country – rivers, mountains, area- comparison with Poland.
  2. Administrative regions (krainy) - short description.  Pieria – our partners’ area.
  3. Political system – government, membership in European.
  4. Greek civilisation  in the past – Ancient Greece – short outlook.
  5. National park in Pieria – fauna, flora.
  6. National food (show at least one recipe).
  7. National symbols – anthem, flag etc.
  8. National holidays and religion (sanctuaries)?
  9. Greek language – alphabet, examples of words.
  10. Mount Olympus- historical evidence, statistics, importance in the past.
  11. Interesting  places to visit  in the country.
  12. National folklore – costume, music, dance.
  13. Famous pieces of architecture, sculpture and art to see in Modern Greece.
  14. Athens – the capital of the country – a tour over the city.
  15. Famous people in the past – famous Greeks – 3-4 people.
  16. Famous contemporary Greeks -  3-4 people.
  17. The Greeks in Poland (or The Poles in Greece).


  1. What do the stripes on Greek flag represent?
  2. Who first climbed Mount Olympus and when was it?
  3. Who is considered as the most famous Greek mathematician ?
  4. What is the difference between ancient and modern Greek language? Who is considered  to be the father of  modern Greek language?
  5. The tomb of Midas is covered with some kind of letters. Are they ancient Greek alphabet?
  6. How high is Acropolis mountain?
  7. When was The Parthenon built and who was its architect?
  8. There are some ancient theatres, like Epidauros, where we can  still watch performances.  What kind of plays do they show?  Do any contemporary performances take place there? 
  9. Were there any famous  women philosophers or ancient writers? Who were they?
  10. What influence does ancient mythology have on young  Greek people today ?
  11. How do you celebrate Christmas? What do you eat during this celebration?
  12. There are a lot of vegetable dishes in Greek cuisine. What kind of meat is popular in your country?
  13. What is the most popular drink in your area?
  14. Do you have coral reefs? If yes, where can we see them?
  15. Are there any lakes in your country? Do they have any special features?
  16. How many Greek islands are uninhabited and why?
  17. What is the population of Athens?
  18. What is your national folk music like – musical instruments, tempo ?
  19. How deep is modern Greek music influenced by folk (give examples)?
  20. Do you  wear national costume on any occasion?  If yes, when?
  21. Your national anthem is very long – more that 100 stanzas. Is there any celebration that it is sung full length?
  22. The Anthem describes the fight for independence. Who did you fight against and   when?
  23. What  are the most popular names or family  names in Greece?


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