Pytania do portugalczyków

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We based our questions on the following research
1.    Geography of the country.
2.    Political system and flag.
3.    National symbols and stereotypes.
4.    National legends.
5.    Kings and Queens of Portugal.
6.    History (great past – colonisation).
7.    The land of great explorers.
8.    XX century history – Salazar regime.
9.    Contemporary Portugal (statistics).
10.  Religion and sanctuaries.
11.  Famous people.
12.  Polish traces in Portugal.
13.  National traditions.
14.  Music/ Sport.
15.  Interesting facts about the country.


1.    What is the origin of the name of your country Portugal?
2.    You are the nation of great explorers. Which of them was the greatest and why?
3.    Who wrote your national anthem?
4.    What is a stereotype of typical Portuguese person?
5.    Why are  houses and churches covered with tiles and what is the most famous design?
6.    We have learnt the legend about The Cock from Barceló. What are other famous legends from Portugal?
7.    What is the tallest building in your country?
8.    What kind of music is now popular among teenagers?
9.    Which non-religious holiday do you consider the most important?
10.  How do you celebrate Christmas?
11.  Poland has recently signed Lisbon Treaty. Why is it called that way? Can we find any Polish traces in your country?
12.  Is corrida still popular in your country and what was the origin of that entertainment?
13.  Where did the custom of squashing grapes with men feet to produce vine come from?


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