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COMENIUS 2012 – 2014  Welcome To My World – John & Jane Trips in EU
1st Comenius Meeting In Warsaw, Poland

Polish J & J  Students’ Reviews
On Sunday evening, 30th September,  15 students and 9 teachers arrived in Warsaw to take part in the Comenius project at our school. There were 2 teachers and 4 students from Cyprus, 2 teachers and 2 students from Croatia, 2 teachers and 3 students from Finland, 2 teachers and 3 students from Norway and 1 teacher and 3 students from Portugal. 
Comenius meeting started on Monday, 1st October. Sister Benedykta introduced our guests and us to the Comenius project. Next the guests were taken around the school and a quiz about Poland was organized for them. Later the guest students presented their countries  and showed us some slides of their schools. At the end we took a photo of us and the guest students.
On Tuesday in the chemistry lab we made “Trash Art” and then we went to the Łazienki park. 
On Wednesday we had lessons but at 6 o’clock there was a disco for the Comenius teams.
On Thursday we went to the Warsaw Waterworks Station and we watched the boats on the Vistula river from the Fat Kate pump station.
On Friday our coordinator thanked everyone for taking part in the project and handed out diplomas and the group photos. We said goodbye to our guests.
      I was very happy that I could take part in that project because it was interesting and we had a lot of fun. I enjoyed our activities very much and I would like to do it again.
Jędrzej, ICG
      A nice girl from Cyprus lived in my house. Her name is Adamantia and she arrived early on Sunday. Out of the official programme we visited The Palace of Culture and Science and The Old Town. She was really delighted by the beauty of our city.    
Ula P. ICG
      On Tuesday we were creating so-called Trash art. These are things which are made from rubbish. I was sitting at the desk with my Finnish friend Roope aged 14. I made a butterfly from a plastic bottle and he did a flower from a toilet paper roll. However, the most interesting trip was to the Łazienki park. By the fountain bear the palace we were feeding some pigeons. I really wanted a bird to sit on my hand and it did . . 
Paul, ICG
      On Tuesday we went to the Łazienki park, the most beautiful place in autumn. We saw a lot of kinds of trees there, some flowers and animals, like peacocks and squirrels. We also took a lot of photos. We had selected  that place because Comenius Project 2012 is about environment protection. In the park everyone can observe how important the environment is.            
Magda, ICG
     On Wednesday there was a disco at school. The dance with the girls from Cyprus was great. They created a circle, then there was a train. I loved the most the disco when Martin and I danced with our Comenius friends. 
Kuba, ICG
     On Thursday there was a trip to Warsaw Filtration station. I liked it the most. The guide showed us the office where  the employees control everything – from the source to the outlet and the big tanks with polluted  and clean water. We also visited the biggest pump on the Vistula called  Fat Kate where we saw the mussels which control the purity of our city water.                    
Olek, ICG
      Every evening Portuguese students and my friends from Poland met together. Polish students wanted to show the guests the beauty of our country. One evening we went for a trip to The Old Town in Warsaw. We showed them beautiful old buildings, for example, The Royal Castle. We also visited the famous Hard Rock café’.                 
Alex, IICG
      On Friday we had to say goodbye to our guests and it was sad. All my family liked Elli very much. My parents didn’t have any problems as she was a very nice person and we got on well really well. My mum prepared Polish dinner especially for her and she liked our traditional food.
That was one of the best weeks in my life and I could improve my language skills. I realized that English is very important to communicate with other people all over the world. Now I am looking forward to my stay on Cyprus and I am trying to write e-mails to Elli twice a week.                                                                                          
Ula W. ICG
      I feel that the week we spent together was very positive. Everybody had a good time, especially at the disco. We met very interesting people and learnt a lot about other countries. Students from other countries learnt a lot about Poland, too. It was a great week.                                                                                                                      
Ola W. ICG
      I remember one moment when we were at the Sigmund’s Column in The  Old Town. We talked, laughed and did crazy things. It was then that we got to know each other well. I also remember the moment when we had to say goodbye at the airport. We were crying and laughing at the same time because we knew that it might be the last time we saw each other.       I think that that week was the best motivation to learn English, to start traveling and to meet people from the world.                                                              
      I had a student in my family, his name was Sebastian. He is 14 and lives in Tromsoe in Norway. That city is beyond the Polar circle  so it is very far from Poland.  He was very excited when he saw for the first time The Palace of Culture and Science and, of course, The National Stadium. He told me a lot of interesting things about Norway and his city. Now I know that in Norway they don’t have any KFC restaurants. 
I think that the most exciting activity for me and Sebastian was the workshop at Copernicus Science Centre because we had great fun and everyone could feel like a doctor from an American movie in that white uniform.                                
Peter, IICG
       Augustin stayed with us for 5 days and on Friday he went back home. We talked a lot about school, played computer games. When we were hungry my mum [prepared traditional Polish food for us. Augustin liked dumplings with strawberries very much. I was invited to visit him in Naśice. We had a great time together and we liked each other because we have the same interests.    
Jeremy, IICG
      Helle is a nice and very cheerful girl who smiles a lot. We spent a lot of time together riding bikes, playing chess and doing other interesting things. 
Those five days were very interesting and busy. It was wonderful time and Helle liked it as well. What I liked the most was nice, interesting company and good conversation. During her stay in Poland she got new friends and visited new places.  We had an excellent time together and I look forward to meeting her in the future. 
Ola D. ICG
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